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What is a BEST friend to you? What makes you best friends? Why? What is the connection you share?

I hate bitching… but I am so sick of the facebook aura, spiritual, charkara, energy flowing hippidy dippity we are conscious beings evolving bull shit. They had a god damn article on being an “empath”. Do you know what qualities you must have to be a frickin “empath”. Basically quality traits that every human being has. But for some reason we have to take what some could say traits of an introvert and turn it into some metaphysical hippie dippy bull shit and put a name to it. It really annoys me. And it really annoys me the people who preach about this stuff. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW! And I understand science can back it up but I’d like to point out that science is observed by human beings.. and if it’s observed by a human being who thinks they are deeply evolved spirituality (whatever that means..) and are an “empath” themselves, yeah, they will find any bullshit evidence to back that up.


Oh yeah, I’m guilty of sharing some of the articles. I guess sometimes it is interesting….. But to an extent. Just read about the people who write the articles.

I love mountains. They are my favorite part of this earth. I want to live in a mountain town, on top of a mountain. I love painting mountains. I love drawing mountains. I freaking love mountains!!!!!!!!!!


I have a mannequin that we’re using for the movie, I should like set it up and dress it up in the sweaters

mannequins are useful for car pool lanes! 

You will meet those weirdo’s in life who are just happy to be happy. Don’t question it. Don’t analyze their intention. Just shut the fuck up and observe and listen to them. They teach you a lot. And if you are lucky…. you will listen. I am learning so much by listening and observing happiness that is around me. This is the only advice I give anybody in life right now. Letting others happiness rub off onto you.

"People called rock & roll ‘African music.’ They called it ‘voodoo music.’ They said that it would drive the kids insane. They said that it was just a flash in the pan - the same thing that they always used to say about hip-hop."
-LITTLE RICHARD (via blackgirlsrpretty2)